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About Us

A native of Miami, our founder had dedicated nearly two decades to becoming an expert in almost every aspect of the real estate industry. As a top nationally recognized Mortgage Banker/Consultant in the mortgage business for ten plus years, he personally helped more than a thousand people in the Atlanta & surrounding areas achieve their dreams of homeownership. He also cofounded a real estate financial consulting firm that helped teach novice investors learn how to become real estate experts. Shortly after cofounding the firm, he began building & renovating homes to help improve our communities before he finally became a realtor broker in the Atlanta & Miami area. He also currently sits on the Board of Governors for the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Our Star Realtors

Conceptually, Atlanta Star was founded with the Realtor Advocate, Commercial/Residential/Business Buyer and Seller in mind. We require our licensees to be Realtors. Our Realtor experts keep more of their Commissions and are offered ownership through Revenue Sharing, Awards & Bonuses, providing them with the incentive to treat our clients and serve our communities like Stars, giving the client best possible opportunity to benefit in each transaction!

The Real Stars, Our Clients!

There is no secret as to why our clients become like family! We offer our Commercial/Residential/Business Buyer and Seller an easy & convenient paperless process and access to abundant information via our site and our personal knowledge. We then hold your hand and walk you through the process. Our hope is that when you look around, that you will find a Star Realtor involved in giving, helping our communities grow and flourish through informed home ownership, accurate market analysis for our builders/business owners and educating our clients about each process we support.

Our Services

We provide Residential and Commercial purchase and sale services and Business Acquisitions. While we specialize in these areas and give particular attention to our clients according to their need while keeping everyone on the same page. Learn more.

We do that as a company with real estate as our platform through consistently strengthening our market knowledge, providing expert analysis and teaching our clients the intimate details of each transaction, and advocating for our clients through tough, strong, successful negotiations. Not all Brokers and Brokerages are created equal, our brokers knowledge & experience gives us more tools to close more deals!

We really do care and we show it! In every interaction we work tirelessly to create a unique fulfilling experience and to be the place where YOU are the Star and “Where the Stars Come to find Home!”